All concerts are FREE to the public - A Free-will offering will be taken to support the charities listed below
    "great theme - so professionally done

your message is now more important than ever"

 Quotes from Concert Attendees
 "just can't believe these concerts are free... please don't stop"
"great theme - so professionally done - your message is now more important than ever"
"it's incredable how you make this church sound - such rich tones - oh and I love the screen - amazing"
"the message and the music - superb!" The sound was amazing.
"By far the best concert I ever attended - The 'Hallelujah Chorus' was fantastic"
"Oh WOW!"
"thoroughly enjoyed the Concert, was surprised at how professional the choir sounded, and was also pleasantly surprised to discover that upstairs was also seating for quality sound. She is a professionally-trained opera singer and so definitely knows and understands vocal music." Loisann
"Thanks, once again, for the privilege of serving Jesus through CCC/C and for all you do!  What a blessing it is as parents of grown children to be given the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a child again!! "   Deb C.
aCan't say enough how much I enjoy these kids. They are fun, kind and talented. Pretty amazing teenagers." Mishelle K.
 Thank-you for helping ALL of us present to get into the REAL meaning of HIS season!
Warm fuzzies and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!    Love,  Sister Ruth
 Senator Inverso commented very enthusiastically about the  great work the choir does and how important the choir is to the community.  He especially appreciates the bold Christian message that is present in all the concerts.  He spoke of how our country was founded on these Christian beliefs.  

“THANKS BE TO GOD”  for the  hours of love and dedication.  It is true anything is possible with God, you strive for perfection and you achieve it every time. Linda

"The concert was amazing!  The selection of music and the timing of the theme "One Nation Under God", given what's going on in the country today will certainly strike accord with your audience.  "Livin' In The Homeland" was so emotionally powerful and so professionally done." Deb 

  "One Nation Under God was so wonderfully performed that I can’t put it into words.  The visuals and use of the screen were outstanding.  I thought the opening with the Presidents, Billy Graham, Martin Luther King Jr. quotes were wonderful.  I wish all the politician would see this and hear all the angelic voices.   The recognition to the military and person in the emergency services was very emotional.  The sanctuary was so filled with love, respect, and thankfulness." Linda

"The concert at the Allentown Middle School was fabulous.  My son is a member of Boy Scout Troop 91 and participated at both the Middle School and St. Vincent DePaul's Church.  I like the concert so much, I asked my father to attend the St. Vincent concert and he loved it too!"   Kate

"We thoroughly enjoyed your concert in Jackson, NJ last Sunday.   You have an outstanding choral group"        Maurice, Lakewood, NJ

"Awesome concert last night!   WOW!   Thank you very much for the nice pin.   I wish you continued success.  Please convey to everyone what a great performance they gave.    Peace & God Bless,"   Stewart Z., MSgt, USAF, Retired

"I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I always enjoy the concerts.  I found this one particularly wonderful because of its patriotic theme. I want to tell you and the entire staff and choir what a superb job you all do."     Lana

"The concert made me proud to be a Christian and proud to be an American." Carl Clark - Ex. Dir. Urban Promise, Trenton

"I can just say one word... phenomenal."

"this was the first time I attended your concerts but it certainly will not be the last"

"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the CCC concerts to start it off."

"I loved the use of the screen images... it changed the whole meaning of the song for me."

"the only really sad thing for me is the concert season is over"

"magnificent"           "unbelievable"           "inspiring"          "electrifying"         "unbelievable energy"

"technology makes you think your at a NY show"

"These memories will forever be etched on my children's hearts."

"Thank you for giving us the wonderful gift of the choir."

"...enjoyed the concert so much she never stopped smiling the whole evening"

"Being a part of the concert last night with my two daughters was deeply spiritual for me. I could not stop smiling because I had joy in my heart"

"Several of my family and friends attended and were so impressed with the talented singers, musical and vocal arrangements, sound and video."

"Thank you for that great concert. The work of love that you do cannot be measured. Your work touches so many children and adults whether you know them personally or not. God has given you a great talent and you do not hide it 'under a bushel.'"

"Thank you once again for blessing so many."

"What a great way to begin our holiday season with your concert! It was wonderful for the choir to perform for all of our residents at the Clare Estate. The Lord has blessed each and every one of you with magnificent voices. It was truly a joy to see the happiness on all our residents faces as you were singing. We wish you a blessed holiday season and thank you so much for making ours so special." JoAnne San Paolo, Dr. Frascella, the residents & staff of TCE

"Your concert was absolutely fantastic! I can’t imagine how you learned so many songs with so many people in such a short time! The choreography was great." Dr. Barbara Schulze - Millstone Performing Arts Center

"The concerts yesterday were outstanding. I was amazed at the quality of sound. In that short period of time to create such an effect was astounding. It was like candy to my ears the whole time!"

"Last Friday my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the concert at St. Vincent DePaul RC Church. What a relaxing and joyful experience it was! I was impressed with the unity of the voices and the quality of the music you chose. Just wanted to say 'thank you' for a wonderful evening." A Church Music Director

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