Ask the Director

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Clips are taken from an interview shown on GellmanTV - "Let's Talk with Gary Gellman"

For full interview go to & search on Pat Weitz

How do you teach young children about music and at what age can they begin?
What is your educational background?
Do children who study music do better in school?
At what age can children begin voice lessons?
At what age can children begin taking piano lessons?
How are parents involved in piano lessons at your studio?
Do you have any students in your choir that started with you as infants?
What skills or preparation are needed to sing with CCC?  
What age can children start singing with the choir?
When are rehearsals?
Where do singers come from that join the choir?
Do boys like to sing with the choir?
Do you have to be a Christian to sing with the choir?
How much are tickets to the concerts & tell us about the free-will offerings?
How long are the concerts each season?
Can adults join the choir? Do they need any special training?
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